Security Consulting Services

Security Minds Inc. boasts an incredible level of depth and experienced Consultants, allowing us to be a leader in the field. Our Consulting practice is based in Austin, Texas with a focus on Security Strategy, Data Protection, Security Assessments, Governance Risk and Compliance. We support clients in all industry verticals, providing a strategic approach to Cyber Security to improve your Company's security posture while focusing on protecting your brand.

Cyber Security Strategy

Maintaining compliance in business often involves modifying or implementing new IT Security strategies and solutions. Security Minds Inc. has the expertise and the creative mindset to provide the right strategies and programs for your company.


Maintaining the integrity of data is imperative. We have experts to assess your data security controls, determine if there are technical or process issues and advise on how and where changes should be implemented.

Security Programs

enabling you to meet your long-term goals means having a capable security program. From data security to compliance our teams will create efficient security programs that are aligned with your business objectives.

Advising on Strategy

As your business evolves so will your IT scurity programs. Depending on your business model, you may need expand with new tools or ehance procedures to maintain compliance. This may require tuning of security controls, upgrades and enhanced communication workflows.

Security Minds Inc. can handle your short and long term security strategies.